Sooruz Wake and Country

When the police come not once, but THREE times, in the same evening to try and calm a post-competition party down, you can safely presume the sponsor is going to have a lot to say in the morning. That IS, unless the sponsor was there!

Synonymous for it’s wild parties and even crazier staff team, the Sooruz Wake and Country went down last week-end at the TNG cable in Toulouse.  With it’s 1,6 km of cable track and obstacles ranging from a ‘ghetto pipe’ to a flat bar and three kickers,  in water that will never require more than a short wet suit, it’s a wakeboarders wet dream. Add the worlds best riders, some wild parties and a fun week-end was had by all.

Jokes on the dock, Julien Cohen and Tom Fooshee

The podium Pro Men :

Dominic Gührs (GER)

Tom Fooshee (USA)

Nick Davies (GBR)













and congrats to my girl, Anne Laure. Anytime you want me to sing Bonnie Tyler on the dock with you, I’m there!

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