International Surf Film Festival












Last year, I spend 6 weeks in Anglet, covering the events in and around the Nike Round House. This year I’ve returned to participate as a member of the jury for the International Surf Film Festival.


The jury was equally diverse, from the professional longboarder Margaux Arramon- Tucoo to French actor and skateboard enthusiast, Vincent Desagnat passing by Jimmy Ganzer, the founder of the Californian brand Jimmy’Z.








Over the course of 4 days, we watched and then discussed an assortment of 20 films, short and long from countries such as Hungary, Brazil the UK inside the festival building, then every evening, an outside projection would take place, under the stars.

The films that made the biggest impression on the jury were, Come Hell or High Water a film on body surfing and Grouchos Del Mar filmed and produced by 2 brothers embarking on a road trip of South America which collectively scooped the prize for the best film, best surfer and best cinematography.

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