I met the founder of Jimmy’Z , Jimmy Ganzer in Anglet during the International Surf Film Festival in July and his business partner, Blake.

They invited me to come hang out in L.A to show me their local haunts and the iconic skating and surfing spots of Santa Monica, Malibu and Venice Beach and to meet the people who have their names etched in skateboard history.

Venice Beach

Jimmy 'la classe' and his Cadillac

Jimmy and I hit up the beach in Malibu for some surfing
















Jimmy told me to come over to check out his house, hidden in the Malibu hills and showed me various artefacts, photos and paintings that inspired the collections from brands heyday, in the 1980′s when the Jimmy ‘Z team was made up of the eras most poignant skaters:  Christian Hosoi, Steve Cabellero and Steve Olson.

Christian Hosoi rocking a Jimmy'Z tee, back in the day

Iconic Jimmy'Z Ford Woody
















The recent brand relaunch has created a lot of excitement in the industry, as it’s always been at the root of the skate scene, with Jimmy still lending his creative hand to the newest collections. From shorts, skirts, tees and hoodies, Jimmy’Z holds on to it’s old-school roots, whilst fully embracing modern style affirming his come-back with a team consisting of Steve Caballero and the young-gun, Daniel Cuervo. The new range is available to buy on their site, with some pretty sick reproductions of some old designs, however, they’d better get some of those leopard print tee’s (like the one worn by Hosoi in the photo above) done sometime soon!

Print from one of the old Jimmy'Z shirts that can be found on their new collection board shorts

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