20130516_211048 The girls 20130516_211916(0) 20130516_213048 20130516_220107Following my recent exercise surge, I happily obliged to an evening of sport with Chloé and Sandie for Nike’s We Own The Night,one of four preparatory evening runs, for the grand 10km WE RUN PARIS finale that would take place a month later. Upon arrival at the meeting point (La cours du Marais) we were treated to a demonstration of how to make cereal bars and energy drinks, although think less of the RedBull / Monster variety and more ‘Holland and Barratt’ detox range, from the carasmatic Thierry Marx. Due to my lack of general culinary knowledge, I did have to GOOGLE him before going, thinking the ‘special guest’ would be a St Tropézien DJ and not a re-known molecular gastronomy Chef.Ten minutes later and the group of rowdy females hit the Parisien pavements, accompanied by markers porting speaker equipped rucksacks, for 3,5 km of running. Amidst laughter and cheers, we wound our way around the Canal St. Martin and back via République. I smuggly ran the course, boasting about how ‘easy’ it was for me, but was surprised to be subjected to such a hard ‘warm-down’. By harsh, I mean 20 minutes of various stretches and exercises that obviously a winter of abstinence from anything but snowboarding / skating didn’t help deal with.

This week-end Nike organise We Run Paris, a 10 km run exclusively for women. A great initiative from Nike’s part because even if my thighs / cellulite won’t be up for it, a run that ressembles more of a Friday night Pub Crawl, (minus the pints of Magners and pork scratchings ) is definitely worth considering giving a go.

We Own the Night

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