The recent influx of cable ski’s in France means the sport of wakeboarding has become less elitist and more accessible to those with a restricted budget. The electrical construction is also more ecological and efficient, up to ten people can ride on a cable at the same time, avoiding the wait and the extortionate set prices behind a boat. During a recent trip to Nantes, I was fortunate enough to stumble upon the newest cable to open in the north-westerly region : TSN44 . This got me out of body boarding in baltic temperatures, or rather rid me of that holiday ‘all I’ve done is drink ALL day’ guilty mindset that seems to seep in after a few days in anywhere else but home.

So, what does the cable have to offer ? For the beginners, or those hoping to learn raleys, a System 2.0. Three kickers and four unit obstacles, that actually made me try transfers for the first time. In my mind I was going higher than Oli Derome on some Canadian rail rampage, but the reality was more obstacle surface skimming with about 2 cm of ‘air’ to boast about. The cable is new, well maintained, thus tight ( which cane any untrained arms after about 5 laps, mine included ) and the lake is easy to exit ( no 5 mile swim to get out) . The cable is however fairly small thus corners do come around quite quickly, which to any un-seasoned rider could be quite tiring and compared to other cable ski’s, it’s quite pricey, but definitely worth a lap if you’re in the vicinity.

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