Never Not

2013-10-02 20.53.16 Hallador Hellgason (the guy on the left) hits a double roof-top gap. But not a chilled out straight air, a big laid out backflip off the first kicker, then follows it up with a 360 off the second. Oh, and it was the second time he’d landed it. The camera guy missed the first one. All that whilst sporting a neck brace from an injury he’d attained only 3 days prior to the shoot.

This is one of many ’trailers that have been uploaded on to the internet from this seasons Nike video, Never Not , which effectively incited an enthusiasm in me to go out and watch it. Café A was heaving with the usual Parisian skate crowd and provided a miniature exhibition showcasing the latest Nike snowboard apparel, decorated with poster-sized photos of their riders. Popcorn, rosé, beer and posh snacks were served as we awaited to be ushered into the projection theatre.

Cougar boots

Cougar boots

Coin Coin chillin' with his team mates

Coin Coin chillin’ with his team mates

Instead of writing an in-depth account of the video, which I’d be incapable of doing anyway, as the bar WAS ‘open’, I’m just going to my top 5 highlights in Never Not :

1. Hallador Hellgason. That rainbow rail. That roof gap. THAT double gap. Shit the bed. It’s nuts.

Hallador. Killing the rails

Hallador. Killing the rails

2. Nicolas Muller. It wasn’t as good as his last years Resonance part for Absinthe, but I could watch the Swiss’s method airs and 360 butters’ in all friggin’ day. In the second more  part of the video, he let’s the viewer into the reasons why he left competitive snowboarding to free ride in the mountains.

3. The sound track. A big chunk of  the video budget was probably spent on music rights, which included the Rolling Stones. However, ‘Kings Crossing’ by Elliott Smith perfectly accompanied Jed Anderson’s part and Justin Besse had a pumping backing track, although I was too ashamed to Shazam it.

4. Jess Kimura. Arguably the best female rider out there, she’s stylish, smooth and a killer on rails. She even makes a collision with a tree look good.

5. Jed Andersons part. A re-known street rider, Jed shows us he can equally adapt his riding skills to backcountry throwing huge 900′s off kickers with steeze.

My only qualms with the video were :

1. Laura Hadar and Annie Boulanger who only had one trick each in the video. I’d have liked to have seen a few more tricks from these ladies.

2. Gérome ‘Coin Coin’ Mathieu’s absence in the film. I felt the French Nike -team chargers’ presence was notably missing.

Et voilù… I’m sure there’s a plethora of other good reasons to watch Nike’s newest opus, but if you’re still feeling skeptical about purchasing a copy, the second part is FREE to download online ! Yewwww !

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