Home made tatts, tramps in straw hats and American cars

I recently spent two weeks filming a documentary in Venezuela and Brazil. Although the subject of the shoot remains confidential, I took advantage of the surroundings and my rencontres, trying to capture then the best I could with my newest acquisition, a Nokia Lumia (the photos are much better quality than those taken with my IPhone).  One thing that struck me about our first destination, Venezuela, was is the abundance of 1970′s / 1980′s American cars, I was in automobile heaven. This is possible due to the incredibly cheap petrol prices in the country, that subsequently means running a vintage fuel guzzler isn’t as expensive as it would be elsewhere in the world.

US truck

Dodge Vintage American Car

Just after this picture was taken, this guy, half-way through a can of Polar Ice Light said I could only take a picture of his woven straw hat if I paid him another beer. He was too drunk to notice that I’d already taken the photo.

Venezuelan Swag

Venezuelan Vans

This guy is from a Peomone rap group. After demonstrating his freestyle rapping skills, he dropped his kegs and proudly showed me his home made tattoo. His friend lying on the cool box did it for him.

Tattoo master

DON’T MISS PART 2 : BRAZIL. Coming soon…

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