Suicidal Tendancies X OBEY

I would like to look as fit as her, please

I would like to look as fit as her, please

I was lucky enough to meet Suicidal Tendancies once. It was eleven years ago and I was on the ferry, crossing from Calais to Dover. It was about 4am and I caught sight of a familiar tattooed, punk group. They were queuing up at the cantine.

I momentarily forget the neck brace I was wearing – a result of a trampoline accident in Les Deux Alpes and the 20 hours of bus ride I’d just endured and went over to met the fucking sickest L.A skate punk band in the world, queuing for coffee on a Brittany Ferry. I asked if it they were indeed Suicidal Tendancies. They said yes. I then went and sat back down.

More than a decade after my rencontre and to celebrate 30 years of hardcore existence, Suicidal Tendancies have hooked up with Shepard Fairey’s brand Obey to launch a limited edition clothing and skate deck collaboration.

Last night, Nozbone got a DJ in the store to playSuicidal Tendancies’ vinyls, got the projector playing skate videos from the 80′s/ 90′s and invited a handful of locals along to drink beer and check out the newest (and one of the most legit’) collaborations in skateboarding thus far.

Suicidal Tendancies Obey

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