The Ultimate Sleep on Devils Mountain

Three months ago, I was lucky enough to be sent out to Brazil to take part in “The Ultimate Sleep” a short film documenting one man’s mission to have a night’s sleep in an extreme situation. 


Along with an acting crew of 7 other people, we set out to transport a bed from Manaus, Brazil to the top of “Devils Mountain” - Mount Roraima.

The concept behind the production was to promote IBIS hotel’s newest bed, the “Sweet Bed” by transporting it to a place one would deem impossible to sleep. Without revealing too much about the production process, I’d like to mention the fact that ALL of the stunts were performed by us in ONE shot, including the waterfall scene- which pretty much broke every Health and Safety rule, and to top it all off none of us had previous acting experience.


Vice France, who were in charge of the production, cast the two well-known Brazil 9000 adventurers, Aaron Chervenak and Gareth Jones to head the mission, followed by Joe Wiesenburger the doctor, Sylla Saint-Gully, who played my assistant, Pierre Bariaud the sound engineer, Eric Yu the cameraman and myself -the producer of the documentary.

IMG_6136 IMG_6150 IMG_6163

It was an opportunity of a lifetime for me, working with determined and truly inspirational people. From Freddy and his Venezuelan crew to the guys from BETC and more importantly Clementine from Vice, those behind the scenes did an absolutely outstanding job and I in my eyes, the production is a reflection of their absolute professionalism.



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